Perverse Verse: Filthy Limericks From the Head of the Lakes

The one and only book by the one and only Slim Goodbuzz!

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• The book features 72 limericks depicting deviant sexual activity, substance abuse and incontinence. It’s all filthy, it all rhymes and it all takes place in northeastern Minnesota and northwestern Wisconsin.

Before literature critics had a chance to read Perverse Verse, the reviews were in from book printers across the United States of America. When contacted by publishing company Whoppin Unlimited about printing the book, they made their feelings clear:

“We’re not comfortable running this job.”
—Mark McCombs, Covington Group

“I will have to decline printing of your book for you. Due to the content material, my boss decided we could not print it here.”
—Kay Brausen, Bang Printing

“Normally we love to take on any project, but the content — with all the religious printing that we do — just would not have worked at this time.”
—Todd Vanek, Kay Brausen’s manager, Bang Printing

“Gotta say no. We do a lot of religious printing here, so we stray from anything pervy or risqué.”
—Sharon Miller, Vaughan Printing

Of course, a printer finally agreed to take on the project, and Perverse Verse was released in the fall of 2003. Since then, all proceeds from sales have been contributed directly to Satan.